Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, yeah ... it's really fun!!

First off, I figured there would be a long line to get in so we get there about 30 minutes early (which I do not consider that early). The Registration Desk was still getting ready. There must have been 10 people working it. Another lady walked up and then a couple more. As it turned out, I was the very first one to be signed in for the very first CHA Super Show! As announced, the public has been asking for this show for 39 years and I was the very first one to be signed in!! WOW!! Though this is a monumental moment for me it didn't hold a candle to what lay ahead.

For those who could not make it, let me tell you how much you've missed.......a ton!! It is so much fun and there is sooooo much to do. Most every booth has make-and-takes. Everyone was so nice and every bit as excited as I was. Friends were re-acquainted and new friends were made. You must know that most "friends" are Internet friends and have not met in person but still knew one another. People would know each other by their SCS Nickname or by the blogs they follow. SCS is a fantastic place to meet wonderful ladies. Thanks SCS for newfound friends!

And what a great group of people! The Splitcoast there anyone better??

The wonderful Paulette Jarvey, who's been on the Carol Duval Show many times, has been published many times, now has her own successful business AND an all around funny person taking her valuable time to teach make-and-takes to plain old every day card makers! Is this wonderful or what?

Suze Wineberg showing how to use a melting tool for altered art (the style she is so famous for). She's been on the Carol Duval Show many times too demonstrating her melting pot and ultra thick embossing powders.

And there's Nicole Heady another infamous card maker. She's been published many times in Paper Crafts magazines and is an inspiration to many. Very sweet and another honor to meet.

Oh, and by the way, Carol Duval herself was here for the wholesale presenters earlier this week. To tell you that I've had a fantastic day is just too simple. There are more pictures that I'll post later. It's been a very tiring day and do you know that I hadn't even realized I hadn't eaten a thing all day long?? Yep, I'm tired; but a very good tired it is!!


  1. Looks like you had a blast!! Glad you were able to go. For those of us that did not make the trip, you need to tell us more!!

  2. CHA! Lucky you! I've read about it in magazines, blogs etc, but never been to it in person. Can you just purchase tickets or do you need to have a special pass? Please post more pictures if you have them.