Friday, September 7, 2012

Card in Two

I saw this card somewhere [sorry I do not remember where or who or I would be tickled to give her credit] and saved it, printed it, and looked at it several times knowing I wanted to do one just like it. There wasn't a thing I didn't like about it. I especially loved how it looked like it was just floating in air.

First, I want to say that the colors did not show up well. This card is purple and soft yellow on a neutral card base. I started with some Naturals cardstock cut long ways where it stands taller than wider. Cut off the end about 1.5 inches and set this piece aside. Now at the bottom of the card itself cut off about a half inch. Adjust according to your "floating" pieces you want to use; I used stars. Score the top part [don't know if you can tell] 1/8" two rows, skip an 1/8 and repeat. In other words, you will have two lines scored then a space, two lines scored then a space, etc.

I took my Stars Nestabilities and used the 3 smallest of the 5. There's a large one for the middle, 3 medium with one out of a patterened paper for the center star and 3 smaller stars to be the center of all three stars. The largest star was also embossed. I used purple cardstock for the largest and all 3 small stars. Two medium sized stars were die cut in a soft butter cardstock and one out of coordinating patterened paper.

The large star is put together with dimensional tape between each star. The other two stars are just laid one on the another. I had some pretty, small crystal rhinestones that I colored with More Mustard marker and placed them in the center of the smaller stars.

Attaching to card: Attach the top of the large star in the center of the top piece with a glue dot leaving the bottom unattached. Place a smaller completed star underneath the large one and carefully place it on the top piece by the tip of it so it appears to be "floating". Repeat with the other star. With the bottom piece laid in line with the inside of the card, check and see that there is ample space visible when the stars will be attched to it. Before attaching it to the top piece, fold it with the stars laying over the loose piece. Select a stamp that will fit appropriately on the unattached piece. At this time, remove it and stamp your sentiment. Now it is time to put mini glue dots [or tape] where it cannot be seen on the bottom of all three stars. Gently lay the top over the bottom piece and when it is in line perfectly, press in place. This is not hard at all...just a little wordy. Refer to photo and see what I am talking about.

On the inside, I stamped the coordinating sentiment along with the gift in this set. In order to keep it from looking bland, I added some tiny rhinestones in the open spaces in the image. This brought the front and inside together nicely. On the back, I stamped the balloon in this set and drew a line for the string.

Paper: Naturals Ivory (SU), patterened paper (K & Company) and purple and soft yellow solid (The Paper Studio)
Stamps: Birthday Whimsey (SU ret.)
Ink: Lavendar Lace
Other: Star Nestabilities, Martha Stewart Scoreboard, Glue Dots, Rhinestones and More Mustard marker (SU-for string on balloon on the back of card, not shown)

I hope you like this card. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and want to make more in different themes. It would be so cute with leaves, hearts, flowers, snowmen, presents, etc.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There must be something to this "memory" thing, ha!! I've started my second scrapbook and am really enjoying it.

I've had my pictures printed of all the races I've done. As some of you may know, I did a scrapbook entirely of my first marathon. I started from the very beginning of when I made the decision to do it, got some pics throughout my training, and finally the marathon itself. It was one of the most gratifying things I'd done in a long time. The memories came alive as I relived each moment. This book had a lot of journaling in it which I still love to read over and over again.

Since I had enjoyed that one so much, I got to thinking that I would start a scrapbook on my half marathons. I really love running those races. That distance seems to just "fit" me. Thirteen miles makes me feel strong and healthy and usually leaves me with the feeling that I can do a few more. Though I hope to do another marathon or two, that's really not my forte. Okay...this blog is about stamping and scrapping, so let me get back to it.

I began my scrapbook with my very first half marathon race at Seaside, Florida. A cold front had come in the night before. It was a terrible storm! We were in our camper and the wind was awful. We could hardly sleep. By morning, the storm had passed over and blue skies were above. It was beautiful! left temps colder than the city's record with terrible winds. Gusts were so strong. There's no telling what the wind chill factor was. From what I remember, the temp was in the low 30's WITHOUT the wind figured in!! We were freezing while waiting to start...I mean freezing! I remember fussing a couple of weeks prior because of running my longest training run in strong winds. I really got mad that I didn't have "perfect" weather for my longest run. Little did I know that that day probably helped me through the race.

The next half was 11 months later. I was really excited about it. It was the Mardi Gras Half in New Orleans. I knew it was going to be exciting with a ton of people, unlike Seaside. It was going to be a fun race. I was running so well and having the best time. I called Kent to let him know that all was well and better than expected and had decided to increase my speed. I was a little over halfway at that point. Then it happened...I fell!!! I mean fell flat on my face!! I had never been so surprised cause I didn't see it coming. The raised repair-work the City had done on the street had caught my foot and sent me barrelling in the air. Well, I'll spare you all the details. But this race probably had more memories than most.

I look back and wonder why in the world I wanted to do more half marathons. The first one was so cold and windy and the second one I was skinned alive. But I never focused on those things; only that I wanted to do another and another and another. There have been 6 half's to date. There would have been more this year but I fought a terribly bad case of bronchitis which knocked me out of 2 more as well as my first trail race, which was a little longer than half marathon distance.

Since I've printed all of my race photos, I have another book in mind. This one will include all the other races since I've started racing. I wish I had taken photos of Kent when he did his races all these years, but honestly, I did not like runners [as a whole]. They were always nasty and sweaty when they finished and I can't stand to sweat or feel dirty. Well, things have changed because now sweat makes me feel clean; at least, clean until I'm wearing dried sweat...yuk! I know that makes NO sense to non-runners. The general racing scrapbook will include him and me. This is fun and I still have a lot to do today.

Happy Scrapping [yeah, this came from my lips]!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

'12 Summer Crop Connection

Let me say up front that this post is filled with pictures. This summer's Crop Connection was not disappointing, as usual. Guess one of the best things is getting together with friends. There's nothing like being with those that have the same toys you do and playing and playing and playing. When you go to CC, you step back into a world of childlike freedom where everything is provided for you and all you have to do is concentrate on creating or whatever you want to do WITHOUT the guilt of cleaning this or cooking that or anything that breaks your concentration. I love it!!!

This summer's theme is "Christmas in July". Tables were decorated, cute clothes were worn, nails were painted red and green, and even the 'happies' were festive. It's like having Christmas off and on throughout the entire time. And, speaking of times, here are the hours: Thursday, 4:00 pm-11:30 pm; Friday, 9:00 am-11:30 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am-10:00 pm. It's crazy cause most never leave except to go to the bathroom, shop, eat or walk around cause you're tired of sitting. It's so much fun!!

With all of that said, let me start with pictures of the hostesses and some of the room I was in. There were two rooms this time but once I took these pics, I forgot to go back and get some of the other room. Vendors are available to purchase your goodies from, too, which I got no pics of them either.

Andrea, Nadine & Deanna [the best hostesses in the world!]

Table mates hard at work...well, kinda...
Caroline [whom I've been with along with Terri for a long time now]
Terri [she's feeling much better and without her oxygen this time]
Karen [see what I mean?], who I met last summer and we just clicked so well; she's hooked on CC now!
Debbie, Terri's SIL, met at January's CC and she's hooked, too.
My card entry won 2nd place and I was very excited about that. I've not been on my game for a while and am pleased it was even considered. Details will follow in a different post.
CC had the usual door prizes winning by placing tickets in a bowl of choice. I rarely win a thing but this year me and Caroline both won one. We even won third place for table decoration, which I did not get a pic of...ugh! We were on a roll at our table! I got a nice paper holder filled with all kinds of things from Michael's. There were all different kinds of papers/cardstock that I've not seen before and was worth a good bit of $$...yay! Just so thrilled to have this did not disappoint!
Caroline won a very nice, chic Ott's favorite color!!! I couldn't get her to feel sorry for me enough to give it to me, ha!
The table behind us had this cute elf which they posed using different props. It was unique and so cute. We got our picture taken with it; this one without Karen as she was not feeling well and later getting there.
Next is a pic of Andrea and Deanna lovingly laughing at each other. Cute!
A final pic at the end of the crop with all of us present.
It was a fun time spent with great friends. For any that have not attended one of these crops, you really need to consider it. It's WELL worth it!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lots of catching up to do...

Okay...I deserve to be beat with a wet noodle...easily!! With that said, recently I had over 400 photos printed of all the road races I've run. Woo-hoo! I hope to get them into a few scrapbooks chronicaling my racing "career" which is where I've spent most of my time blogging over the last couple of years. Also, coming and going so much, it's easier to maintain that blog than my cardmaking one.

I have so many cards I've not written about or shown. But sense told me to continue to take photos and have them ready when I do have the time to blog. Oh my, there are so many to show I don't know where to begin. With that said, I'll start with a couple at a time as I grab them up from stored pics.

Today, I will show a couple of Father's Day cards I made. The sketch is the same but the colors were different.

The first one I chose to 'color distress' it. I like both styles because they both lend to a clean look on a white card. Each used the double ended banner die from Papertrey Ink, then stamped one end with one of the images from the Banner Builder stamp set. Folding back the unstamped end, I 'hung' it over a cute little twine line with bows at each end. Set this aside.

Take a standard 4.25" x 11" card folded in half longwise making a taller card than the normal size/looking card. This has become one of my favorite styles. Using the Diamonds In The Rough embossing folder, I placed it along the bottom of the card and embossed using my Cuttlebug.

Stamping the word "H A P P Y", I punched out using SU's small circle punch. These were placed on top of the banners using dimensional tape to give it a little bit of distance from the banner itself.

There is an open area where the "diamonds" don't connect where I stamped 'Father's Day'. Attach the little banner line above it and's done.

Paper: White c/s
Stamps: Banner Builders (PTI), Father's Day (Anna Griffin), the letters 'HAPPY' (Studio G, I think)
Inks: Billiant Blue and Always Artichoke (SU)
Accessories: Double Ended Banner die (PTI), Diamonds in the Rough EF, small circle punch (SU), Twine, Dimensional Tape

Really simple, but I do love that style. Believe it or not, working with mostly white is probably the hardest thing I've done. It is so easy to slightly touch the card with an inky pinky and unless you can cover it up, it's back to step 1.

Thanks for looking. I do appreciate it!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Crop Connention-Winter 2012

Oh my gosh...I had no idea I had let my blog slide for so long. Though my card making has slowed down I've still been making them AND buying "stuff". As with newbie scrapbookers, I'll not get overwhelmed with what all I NEED to post and just jump in and do the most recent and work back. So here goes...

Guess I'll always attend these crops as long as I can afford it no matter how active I am in my crafting. Crop Connection never lets me down and I can hardly stand not getting with my close friends for a weekend of fun. Unless you crop in any way, you'll just not understand the need. The theme this time was "moustache". They had the cutest things for us relating to moustaches and "must I asche" lines including a great photo drop using the cutest moustaches, ties and glasses...soooo stinking cute!

The entire group.

The original crazies...and yeah, Terri accidentally broke the frame...but it became a funnier pic trying to hold it in place.

My winning card, photo and bootie. It's hard to see but there are Stickles inside and out. Touch of sparkle always takes the cake!


A special friend whom I admire to the nth degree. She's such an ya, Barbara!

I'll be so glad when my hair grows back out. It totally has a mind of its own.

They always have a surprise snack. This time it was an eatable shaving kit. I didn't take pictures but really wish I had. It consisted of cream cheese, raisins and cranberries, warm caramel sauce and salty crackers (I think that was all). I will try anything but this just didn't seem like it went together; BUT I was so wrong! That was one of the most amazing things I've tasted and wanted more and more and more...sooooo good!! We were also treated with frozen yogurt which was yummy, too. Though the food is generally the worst in the world FOR you, convenience and taste usually overrides any doubt of why you shouldn't partake. Great job CC Ladies!!

Many nonedible goodies were a constant. I'm learning how to use these more and more in my card crafting. But it's a scrappers paradise. You just can't beat the money spent for this fabulous weekend!! See you this summer, girls!

I'll be posting some cards soon, so come back and visit.