Monday, August 3, 2009

More Sitings!

Yep, more celeb sitings! The first couple are of Judy of Judikins demonstrating a project. She's graced the set of the Carol Duval Show many times.

The third pic is Julie from Scrapbook Memories, a regular TV show. She left the show a couple of years ago to venture into her own craft related businesses. Still very known. She was headed to see the President to take him a wall mural of him done in her very own craft using photos. Amazing!

The theater was used by many speakers and one of them was Mary Englebreit! Though my picture is not very good, it is still her.

And this last celeb siting belongs to Matt Fox and Shari Hiller, the hosts for the HGTV show Room by Room!! They were just walking around looking at everything like they were one of us. They were so very nice and was more than gracious to have their picture taken with me. Matt even said to check and be sure the picture came out in case we needed to take another one...very caring. We talked a little before moving on...I know, I know...what do you talk about?? But for once they didn't ask where we are from!! Everyone thinks if you have a southern accent, you're "different" and we always get that question.

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  1. Robbie, I had so much fun visiting with you! I thought it was so amazing that you actually knew my friend Katy's mom, the pine needle basketweaver! What an amazing, fabulous, exhausting weekend! ;)

    Hope to see you out and about on the web, especially at SCS!