Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Find!!

I went by Michael's yesterday and boy did I find a treasure! They were having a huge sale AND 30% off on all Martha Stewart scrapbooking things!!! I was beside myself. So off I went to get a buggy 'cause I KNEW there were new punches in my near future. I love her punches. They are so pretty and some are so elegant. I ended up getting 10 of them!! I even got some of her stickers, paper, and clear stamps. And, no, these weren't all Christmas items like you'd think. Some of my punches are pop-up ones, some border ones, some embossed ones, a couple of regular ones and even one that had 3 stamps with the punch of that stamp. It was a bird stamp/punch. Each stamp is a little different and when you punch it out you have three completely different ones. So cool!! I'd never seen these before. Now, I wanted more (I love punches - Ü) but restrained myself. I had so much fun...wish you had been there with me! Off I go to finish working out, getting lunch and playing with these for a while. See ya soon ...

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