Monday, February 1, 2010


That's the best word I can come up with. I'm just about to go crazy over here! [No comment on the normal status!] I've bought SEVERAL things lately and am dying to jump in and use them. To begin with, I've been trying to re-organize my stamping room and since I can't work in chaos I'm trying really hard to get finished along with doing many other things at one time; i.e., cleaning the house, increase my running (time consuming), going through a huge amount of daily e-mails, updating ALL of our blogs, etc., etc., etc.

I'm also beginning to get ready for a large crop weekend in less than two weeks. I'm the only card maker/stamper there, but we share all the same tools and I love to be with other ladies. It is 3 days of never ending fun, food, creativity, laughter, making new friends and visiting with old friends!!! I'm going to take some things to give away as well as try to sell a few tools I've upgraded from.

Now, for the dilemma: I've recently got some new things: Nesties (my most favorite tool evah!!), a new paper trimmer (this is different from any I've had in the past and is a learning curve as it does several things), new stamps, new punches, new papers and some new embellies. I can hardly wait to get it together enough to actually do something. With bated breath, I'm anxiously pushing to get through this needed change of cleaning out, reorganizing and straightening so I can starting creating again. As long as things continue to go as in the previous couple of days, it won't be long before things return to normal ... is this really possible??

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  1. Wow you are busy!! I think us stampers just have reorganize in our genes and we must perform the task at regular intervals or things just do not seem right (teehee). You have intrigued me with the new paper trimmer. Please share which one you have. Have fun at the crop! Looking forward to seeing your creations again!!
    Check out my blog....I have CANDY!!