Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crop Connection #2

We took our camper to Timberlake Campground at the Ross Barnett Reservoir so I could participate in Crop Connection's Summer Crop at Pearl Lower Elementary School. The first night we saw a most wonderful sunset. The sun was large and each moment it took setting was breath-taking. This was taken at our campsite with the reservoir waters between us and the sun.

Now on to the crop.

Amanda and Tiffany come all the way from the Mobile area. Tiffany has been so ill lately and I was glad to see she felt well enough to come. I hope you are completely well soon! Thanks, Amanda, for convincing her to come with you. It's always good to see you. Love you, girls!

Here's a look around a quarter of the room.

A lady (or two) showed up at the Crop with a great scrapbooking organizer, per se. And if you know anything about croppers, you'll know that all of us own many organizing things to "help" us put things in their proper place (oh yeah, that's where they stay). Once word got around, everyone wanted to get one of those chests. Yes, I said chest because that's what it is...a man's tool chest! It is a heavy duty tool chest on heavy duty wheels that lean back and rolls as a dolly. It stands hip high and when it opens up it slides back and reveals different levels of storage compartments. It's a dream! AND gotten at Lowe's. So two ladies across the table from us, Tammy and Boo (from Saucier), left and went to get them one. When they got back, more of us saw it. Shortly, two ladies behind me disappeared and went to get them one...the last Lowe's had! Many ladies were just beaming and so excited for the "deal" they got. After all, had it been classified as a scrapbooking item, it would have been double or triple in cost. Guess they knew a man wouldn't pay that kind of money.

Now on to the picture above...Valerie wanted one real bad, too. As a matter of fact, we talked about it off and on throughout the day and all of us were getting convinced that we couldn't live without one of these. So the next day came and when she showed up, she had one of them trailing behind her! She went to a different Lowe's and got her one. She was just tickled to death. See her showing it off to another lady just like it was a newborn baby. Just wait, Valerie, there may be more of your table mates with one when you see us next. *Ü* The good thing about it is that she began packing her essence cleaning out her stuff. All of us received such fun things so she could make room in her new scrapbooking, I mean, chest. Oh, yeah, we still love ya!

Back row: Valerie, Elwyn, me and Dawn. Front row: Nadine, Andrea and Deanna

Back row: Susan, Vana, Pat and Tammy. Front row: Barbara and Debbie (I hope I got your names straight, ladies.)

Finally, a picture of Dawn. She's already been shopping once with her $100 win. She's just beside herself. I'm so happy for you...AND jealous!!

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