Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Much Fun!!

Well, Crop Connection is over...sniff, sniff. I really think the ladies need to think about adding one more day OR extending Thursday to a full day. They do an outstanding job putting this together. Everyone is satisfied and to get more than 3 women to be satisfied is a job in itself. Kudos, Ladies! And here they are:

This crop was the first summer one they've done, kind of an experiment...and what a success it was. They chose to make the winter and summer crops different. Personally, I like them being different. I believe they will have their own personality in the long run. Not being as many in attendance this time made it more personable. I really liked that, too. I guess one of the main characteristics of this crop as opposed to any others is that each person has 6' of cropping/working space! It is wonderful and you feel so uncrowded.

Thankfully, I've had real good table mates every time I've gone and this time was no exception; I was blessed with new, lifelong friends...may I lovingly refer to them as "the pro", "the giddy" and "the wayward" you, girls! We were fantastic table mates and we laughed so much and so hard sometimes tears and red faces appeared. I already miss them...and a morning chuckle to get my day started. Thanks Valerie, Dawn and Elwyn for wonderful memories!!! I look forward to more in the future.

Here's me, the giddy, the pro, and the wayward...let me explain the titles. It was the first time the Giddy came to a crop. She won the $100 giveaway and was "giddy" until the thing was over. She loved the crop and is a wonderful person. The Pro is literally a "pro". She has been published MANY times in scrapbook magazines but even that doesn't tarnish her true beauty...HER. And then there was the "wayward". Every time we turned around to ask her something or go eat or anything, she had just disappeared from the table, the room, the bathroom, outside, everywhere! Like a wayward child not telling anyone a thing, she just came and went like a ghost. There wasn't a thing she didn't have on hand but she was always shopping and "collecting" more things. She's lost tons of weight and has a great personality. I love you all. You let me be myself and I can't wait til we meet again. ;)

This crop was my most productive one yet. Ideas flowed and many challenges to create outside the box jumped off pages of samples I'd brought to inspire me. I used several new stamps and products. I just love playing with paper and friends!!

There's so much to share that I will post them as I get the articles written. So, stay tuned...there's more to come.

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