Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Crop Connection

Let me just say that the Summer Crop Connection was not a disappointment. These ladies do an excellent job despite trials thrown their way. Good job, Deanna, Andrea and Ms. Nadine! I was excited to share my table with two ladies that meshed well with my personality, humor and skills. It was so much fun. We laughed together, ate together and made pretty things all weekend. As it turned out, I met several new friends and strengthened some relationships of ladies I barely knew. I was even asked to be included in a group of ladies that share 6x6 scrapbook pages of themselves. What an honor! I thank you and can hardly wait to start making some to hand out next time. Go "Sisters"!! One thing I really like about this event is that it is filled with fun and laughter whether you end up being productive or not. And, of course, there are contests that you can enter if you'd like to. Nothing is pushed on you and you don't have to participate if you don't want to. There is NO stress here and this makes it a wonderful time.

This event had a theme of birds and flowers. Everything was decorated so nice and I LOVE it when I first walk in and see all the pretty things they have in line for us...starting with our table. Here is what greeted us and absolutely stole my heart:

I love daisies and these little Gerbers were so happy to see us and bring us lots of joy. Thanks, Ladies, this is one of my favorite gifts! This picture is about 3 days away from the little flowers' freshest day. Actually, on the other side of the little green "stand" is a little message that reads "Welcome". I could hardly wait to set it in our camper to brighten our days as long as the little flower lived.

As I said above there were contests. There is one that is a Card Contest. I think they created it for me as this is all that I do. But I enjoy being around other ladies that love to play with the same toys I do, so I come to the Crop. I won First Place with this card:

In the last few days I've been enjoying making white-on-white cards. They are so elegant to me. So I pulled out my dies, embossing folder and tiny black pearls to make this. What do you think?

I want to leave you with some pictures of the event. I hope you can join us next time cause it is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!! Enjoy the slide made in honor of the flower theme and all my sweet friends.

Happy Stamping & Cropping!


  1. i love this white card very nice!

    have a look on my blog im new to all of that :P

  2. I looooove white on white cards (and swiss dots!) and this one is a beauty!