Friday, February 24, 2012

Crop Connention-Winter 2012

Oh my gosh...I had no idea I had let my blog slide for so long. Though my card making has slowed down I've still been making them AND buying "stuff". As with newbie scrapbookers, I'll not get overwhelmed with what all I NEED to post and just jump in and do the most recent and work back. So here goes...

Guess I'll always attend these crops as long as I can afford it no matter how active I am in my crafting. Crop Connection never lets me down and I can hardly stand not getting with my close friends for a weekend of fun. Unless you crop in any way, you'll just not understand the need. The theme this time was "moustache". They had the cutest things for us relating to moustaches and "must I asche" lines including a great photo drop using the cutest moustaches, ties and glasses...soooo stinking cute!

The entire group.

The original crazies...and yeah, Terri accidentally broke the frame...but it became a funnier pic trying to hold it in place.

My winning card, photo and bootie. It's hard to see but there are Stickles inside and out. Touch of sparkle always takes the cake!


A special friend whom I admire to the nth degree. She's such an ya, Barbara!

I'll be so glad when my hair grows back out. It totally has a mind of its own.

They always have a surprise snack. This time it was an eatable shaving kit. I didn't take pictures but really wish I had. It consisted of cream cheese, raisins and cranberries, warm caramel sauce and salty crackers (I think that was all). I will try anything but this just didn't seem like it went together; BUT I was so wrong! That was one of the most amazing things I've tasted and wanted more and more and more...sooooo good!! We were also treated with frozen yogurt which was yummy, too. Though the food is generally the worst in the world FOR you, convenience and taste usually overrides any doubt of why you shouldn't partake. Great job CC Ladies!!

Many nonedible goodies were a constant. I'm learning how to use these more and more in my card crafting. But it's a scrappers paradise. You just can't beat the money spent for this fabulous weekend!! See you this summer, girls!

I'll be posting some cards soon, so come back and visit.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Your card is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thank you Peggy! I've got a lot of "practicing" to do to catch up with where I was, ha! We had a great time, every time they have a crop [twice a year]. You need to join us sometime.

  3. The mustache pics are fabulous LOL! Beautiful card too! Love the nestie you used to frame the flowers and the little tag and strip are a great touch! Lovely card.