Thursday, July 26, 2012

'12 Summer Crop Connection

Let me say up front that this post is filled with pictures. This summer's Crop Connection was not disappointing, as usual. Guess one of the best things is getting together with friends. There's nothing like being with those that have the same toys you do and playing and playing and playing. When you go to CC, you step back into a world of childlike freedom where everything is provided for you and all you have to do is concentrate on creating or whatever you want to do WITHOUT the guilt of cleaning this or cooking that or anything that breaks your concentration. I love it!!!

This summer's theme is "Christmas in July". Tables were decorated, cute clothes were worn, nails were painted red and green, and even the 'happies' were festive. It's like having Christmas off and on throughout the entire time. And, speaking of times, here are the hours: Thursday, 4:00 pm-11:30 pm; Friday, 9:00 am-11:30 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am-10:00 pm. It's crazy cause most never leave except to go to the bathroom, shop, eat or walk around cause you're tired of sitting. It's so much fun!!

With all of that said, let me start with pictures of the hostesses and some of the room I was in. There were two rooms this time but once I took these pics, I forgot to go back and get some of the other room. Vendors are available to purchase your goodies from, too, which I got no pics of them either.

Andrea, Nadine & Deanna [the best hostesses in the world!]

Table mates hard at work...well, kinda...
Caroline [whom I've been with along with Terri for a long time now]
Terri [she's feeling much better and without her oxygen this time]
Karen [see what I mean?], who I met last summer and we just clicked so well; she's hooked on CC now!
Debbie, Terri's SIL, met at January's CC and she's hooked, too.
My card entry won 2nd place and I was very excited about that. I've not been on my game for a while and am pleased it was even considered. Details will follow in a different post.
CC had the usual door prizes winning by placing tickets in a bowl of choice. I rarely win a thing but this year me and Caroline both won one. We even won third place for table decoration, which I did not get a pic of...ugh! We were on a roll at our table! I got a nice paper holder filled with all kinds of things from Michael's. There were all different kinds of papers/cardstock that I've not seen before and was worth a good bit of $$...yay! Just so thrilled to have this did not disappoint!
Caroline won a very nice, chic Ott's favorite color!!! I couldn't get her to feel sorry for me enough to give it to me, ha!
The table behind us had this cute elf which they posed using different props. It was unique and so cute. We got our picture taken with it; this one without Karen as she was not feeling well and later getting there.
Next is a pic of Andrea and Deanna lovingly laughing at each other. Cute!
A final pic at the end of the crop with all of us present.
It was a fun time spent with great friends. For any that have not attended one of these crops, you really need to consider it. It's WELL worth it!


  1. Although I was not entirely myself, I had a great time girl! Miss ya already! ~hugs~ Karen Sue

  2. I loved your blog Robbie! Good job and my table had an awesome time at Crop Connection too!

  3. Thanks ya'll! Miss everyone already. Let's's 5.5 months til the next one???

  4. This is amazing! I wish we had something like this. It looks like so much fun! :)